The Mask Of Beauty

Each hunter narrates a flashback to a time when they felt truly beautiful.

A small group of individuals seated at a round black table etched in a sweeping silver pattern hover over Jonah, watching him and an older gentleman. The older man's long-fingered hands shuffle a deck of cards with a practiced ease, but his attention is fully on the newest member of his flock when he sets the stack down.

First he pulls the Moon, then the Ace of Swords, then the Lovers. Instincts and fantasy, the potential for power and success - but not without danger, and a union. There's a nervous tug in Jonah's stomach and he swallows thickly. Though this had initially been set up by the coven to try to see his potential, he can't help but look more meaningfully to the man giving the reading.

His lighter eyes meet Jonah's and he smiles, his gaze inviting and his expression hungry.

He stands and comes around the table and the few gathered watch in silence before they fall into sounds of approval when he lifts Jonah's chin and leans to kiss him.